Salar wall light-WA03

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Salar wall light-WA03

2-6.jpgProduct Parameters:


Model number:WA03

Solar panel:2V80MA  

Battery: 1.2V/600mAh   Lithium

Light source:3 pcs bright led

Lighting time :≥8 Hours

Charging:6 Hours

Protect level:IP44

Lighting mode : Multi-function Switch

Warranty: 2 year

Working Principle:

1) Charge the solar panel by placing it under direct sunlight at daytime.

     The electrical energy is stored in the storage battery. More direct sunlight, charge more electrical energy.

2) It will automatically startup circuit work at night.

3) Human body induction function, when people go through the sensoring area, the light will be strong.

4) It will be on standby when people leave the induction area for about 30 seconds. It will automatically

     shutdown the circuit and charge during the daytime.